Saturday, May 21, 2005

Drowning In A Well of Sadness Part Seven: Smog

I find that Smog/Bill Calaghan have a coldness in their music, a static and heartless centre. Even though the songs are often about sadness, there's an alienated quality about it that makes it hard to relate to. Having said that, I do like most of their music and find some songs almost beyond beautiful.

One particular song springs to mind because of it's sadness. I Break Horses is a metaphorical song about sex where the horse is a woman who comes to him. The sadness in it is for the listener to feel - not in the singers words.

At first her warmth felt good between my legs
Living breathing heart-beating flesh
But soon that warmth turned to an itch
Turned to a scratch
Turned to a gash
I break horses I don't tend to them


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