Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Horrible Face by The Scaramanga Six

Sometimes the arrogance of bands astounds me. The Scaramanga Six take no notice of the fact that this is only their third EP - just another band of wannabees you think. Well, they already have the ability to assault your ears and body with their enthusiasm and sheer power. They even have the cheek to start off the Horrible Face slowly before a cascade of torch bravura (ripping the heart from Scott Walker and Bowie). A glorious noise.

I may write a full review but I will hold off a while as I want to give this to a potential reviewer so he has something to inspire him.



Blogger Steve Wrath said...

Hey you,

Thanks for the nice comments about 'Horrible Face' - glad you liked it. We do try and make things as ridiculously bombastic as possible! Look forward to a review of it sometime soon.

Take it easy,

4:36 pm  

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