Saturday, June 18, 2005

Drowning In A Well of Sadness Part Ten: Bill Malonee and The Vigilantes of Love

There's a song I first heard on an Uncut compilation (Uncut is a music and films magazine in the UK) Resplendent by Bill Malonee and The Vigilantes of Love. It obviously isn't from personal experience - probably from a book or something. But it is a bleak song and I love it for that.

Lost my firstborn that Winter, my wife on the first day of Spring.
So I poured my sweat into the earth, and see what that harvest would bring
I remember hell and fury, just like a plague of locusts
Egypt's punishment for sins of pride, exact now what has come over us

How much of this was meant to be, how much the work of the devil
How far far can one man's eyes really see in these days of toil and trouble.

I've loaded a few tracks (including Respelendent from the 'Drowning' series onto my live365 radio station (see the link on the right).


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