Monday, July 18, 2005

The Sharp Things Review and New CDs

I loaded up my latest review of The Sharp Things CD on Saturday night. It wasn't a very good review but on checking email on Sunday morning I have an email from Jim Santo of the band thanking me for 'my disillusionment'! He meant it as well, realising that all I can do is write what I feel about the music and it is only My Humble Opinion. The review has even gone on their reviews page. So, I must admit I am encouraged, it shows that even my doubts are appreciated - these bands want to be heard and payed attention to.

I have two more CDs to listen to: Paul Jeans from Northumberland and ist from Leicester. Both are more traditional artists than I tend to listen to - heartfelt lyrics and very much based in song structure. I'll see if they get under my skin.


Anonymous Kenton Hall said...

Interesting... traditional song structure is wonderful when it's used as a discipline... I love a great song, just I love a great experiment. Neither is more or less worthy...

5:00 pm  

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