Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Friday Session on BBC Hereford and Worcester

2hr programme from an area that really isn't known for alt music. This edition was put out at 7pm on a Friday so a peak time show (rare for the BBC local network. The presenters seemed a little more interested in the Beer Festival they were attending, and did put a Programme ad over the start of the first track (disgraceful). But not too bad overall, they did stress that the music came first and made a reasonable job of it. I think that the lack of high quality bands/music to play probably hampered them. It's a mostly rural area and the thought of advanced Indie in pubs in sleepy little towns like Bewdley is strange.

First track With Hearts Higher Than Stars is a Kidderminster band (from a few miles away from where I used to live). Called Escape From Alcatraz they are typical Indie with energetically strummed guitar and make a very attractive sound. Currently gigging, they are well worth going to see live.

Denya with Directions were pure early 80s and hackneyed lyrics - room for development there.

Neutron Tears sound great, a low growled vocal over a slow, simple guitar on Angel. It actually sounds a bit like Mike Johnson who featured highly in my "Drowning In A Well Of Sadness" series so I'm all in favour. The guitar break is almost embarrassing (hey, this is a demo) but an intriguing approach overall.

The Craft with Witch are a female fronted band who actually recall Curved Air for me (though they have probably never heard of them). Strong vocals but apparently have now split up. For a local music programme I would have thought they'd play current bands but I can't help agreeing it was worth playing the track.

A live track from a battle of the bands competition by Push from Hereford does them no favours. Live recordings of amateur bands is rarely going to work. They might be quite good but they will need to be in a studio.

The area has been known for many years for heavy metal (Robert Plant lives nearby). Probably still dominated by amateur pub bands but even so there seem to a band or two worth seeing.


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