Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Huw Stephens and Things In Herds

I decided to check out Radio 1 again - but the only show I could bear to try was Huw Stephens who seems the only eclectic choice (I did listen to Rob Da Band once but found the complete buffon too amusing for words). The first thing I did was check out the tracklisting and I was excited, energised by just one entry on the tracklisting - Please Don't Put Out The Light by Things In Herds. Now that is from a 2002 album - the first one that was ever sent to me to review (before the Cool Noise site was an unsigned/obscure review site). It's still one of my favourite albums ever, ever. So I had the chance to hear it on national radio. For 4 minutes I felt like a member of the normal musical human race.

By the way, the unsigned Piskie Sits sounded very good as well.

I know I promised never to listen to Radio 1 again but maybe Huw is worthwhile.


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