Wednesday, September 07, 2005

New CDs

I've had a full mailbox (yes, I know I'm English but I do actually have a mailbox rather than a letterbox). Mach Schau have sent a CD with a great punk feel. Your Horrible Face from Los Angeles have a demo album that is American rock (of the better sort) and I'm looking forward to watching the videos. Joseph Arthur has sent his CD Even Tho that is very much current UK vogue for talented singer-songswriters and even though much too mainstream for me I find myself liking it - baeutifully packaged as well. Last out of the envelopes is Hey Pablo in Redditch that is Rap/Nu Metal/everything and meant to be great fun. Brave boys, sending that to me with my penchant for the saddest music in the world - but they have brought a smile to my face


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