Monday, September 05, 2005

This Et Al

I just checked my mail box and the promised This Et Al single was in there. I did sneak a look at the video over the weekend on their website and got a quick watch and listen in (nice video by the way).

They are continuing to develop into a very fine band indeed. To think I thought they were too influenced by Radiohead in the very early demos! Now they have their own approach and sound and there's an addictive quality in the breathless impetus to put their message over. I do find myself thinking "slow down" and just impose yourself on the listener - you are able with that rhythm section, that guitar, and that voice to dominate every sense (except smell perhaps) of your audience.

Currently, This Et Al have gone beyond what Franz Ferdinand could do on their first single. Lots more to come from this lot, I'm sure. Full review will be on the main Cool Noise site.

One hint, if you're reading this boys is make sure the <title> of your website reads This Et Al (not "") - I couldn't find you in Google very easily.

This Et Al website


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