Thursday, November 17, 2005


I found a bag full of CDs recently that I had taken away for my travelling - I should perhaps have reviewed some of them. A lot of not reviewing comes down to not having anything interesting to say - says more about me than the CDs.

But one CD in particular, that I have really enjoyed listening to is the Oracleboy single (titled theOracleboy). It's energetic guitar rock from an alternative direction. Three really good songs, tight musicianship, strong melodically and with a 'swing' that makes them stand out from the crowd.

theOracleboy website


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, way to comment on an ancient post, I know, but I was wondering if there was ANY way possible you could send/upload this theOracleboy for me, I've been searching for months trying to find a place to get a hold of it. If you're able to/interested I'd be forever indebted...

12:20 am  

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