Monday, February 06, 2006

Shit Reviewer

I was planning this great 1970s Prog review of new music that fits into that genre. I had 3 bands lined up. But I'm so disorganised that I got lost - I had a CD on the ironing board in Manchester ready but now I listen to it, it isn't the guitar based stuff I thought it was. I have gone through about 20 or 30 CDs waiting for review but I can't find the one.

I may have to accept that I can't cope. I would love to review everything I get but fail miserably. I take up to 20 listens before I come up with any words. I seem to have to become so familiar with a CD that it becomes part of my music collection rather than something just sent to me. I hope to actually get two reviews up on Cool Noise in the next few days


Blogger Daniel Vincent said...


I know how you feel :-)

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