Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wayne County

Been a good day listening to music. I gave The History of Guns album Apophenia a good listening to and really got into it this time.

I bought a pair of speakers for my desktop computer and it gave me a chance to play a load of mp3s I have had for years but rarely listened to. I happened upon two albums by Wayne County and The Electric Chairs. I remember going to the Reading festival in 1977 wanting just to see two bands: Wayne County and The Cure. Wayne and the Electric Chairs were subjected to a hail of cans and plastic bottles from the second song onwards and had to abandon the stage in the third song. Amazingly I saw a Watneys 7 party pack of beer thrown at them - with the beer still in! All those long hairs could only react this way when faced with the beauty and grace of punk. Maybe I should copy that form of musical criticism and if I get a CD I don't like I can go round and break a few windows and create some bruises on the band members.

Wayne County's music wasn't all that special, a basic rock and roll mostly, but there were some good tracks like "Man enough to be a woman" (Wayne is now Jayne). The immortal song "Fuck off" is just ok. I do have a copy of the first single hanging around somewhere and that was quality with "Parania Paradise" and "Stuck on you". The music went downhill after that and these mp3s are mostly of a poor imatation of Alice Cooper.


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just bought some wayne county singles from sifters in burnage, was wondering if you get sent any cool punk/electro bands to review, run a club in manchester looking for new bands to put on, contact me on


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