Wednesday, March 15, 2006


It sometimes gets to bring me down. I need a lot of time listening to one CD to allow it to get under my skin. I feel I'm failing all those bands that have sent me stuff. I missed the second-half of Bolton vs West Ham because I have more listeng to do. Not that it means I can produce a review but at least I can get a few sentences down in my notes.

I have received CDs from Anna Bengo and Paul Wilkes in the last two days, for which I'm grateful. Both have been listened to but are probably not my sort of thing (likely to be much too popular for me!).

I've been listening a lot to Wait and See from Calcaza Records, the recent Dance To The Radio compilation, Apophenia by History of Guns, and Western Civ. To illustrate my listening method, Western Civ probably sent their stuff three months ago. But tonight, I felt that I could start to comment on them, as if they were part of my record collection. I'm rather keen on them as well, but I still have to find the right words.


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