Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Phideaux Turns The Tables

On Phideaux's latest album 313 there's a track called Have You Hugged Your Robot. It's a great song but it has the exact same chord sequence I used on a song I wrote in the 80's called Man In The Bottle. I didn't even have a copy but I managed to get sent an MP3 from someone I'd burnt a CD for last year. I gave Phideaux a link to the track (complete with way too much echo and a mistimed bridge section). So he replied:

I love it, it reminds me of Mick Harvey doing the Gainsbourg. There's a real quality of late 60's mixed with the silky early 90s Cave-ish sound. Verrrry cool stuff and very funny how the riff is the same. Just goes to show there are four or five patented riffs that we all just recycle o'er and o'er.

That one's going in my ipod


My life is complete. Someone with real talent has complemented me and I think he means it - I probably wrote 10 reasonable songs in my life with my limited vocal range of about 5 semitones. Shall I retire now?


Blogger hibelu said...

So where would on find this best example of your work?


3:46 am  
Blogger hibelu said...

"would ONE"

3:46 am  
Blogger Cool Noise said...

Due to unprecedented demand...

Lady and gentleman we present

Rooftop Sex Plunge

11:59 am  

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