Friday, April 21, 2006

Wrath Records branching out?

I just tried to look at the Wrath Records website from workfor more info on the Playmates single I'm listening to this lunchtime. And I get:

You cannot access the following Web address:

The site you requested is blocked under your organization's filtering policy. It fits into the following filtering category(ies) that your organization has chosen to block: Pornography

Do they know something I don't? Maybe they'll start to send me dirty mags as well as CDs?

By the way, the track Jackie Wright by the Playmates (on the Smash Hits single) is just a perfect punk song a la 1977. A tale of adolescent fumbling and first loves. Oh, the memories. Oh, the relief that it's all long ago in the past


Anonymous Steve Wrath said...

Hey hey,

Thanks for the nice words on some of our new releases - glad you are liking Being 747 and The PLaytmates.

That's rather bizarre that our site is being blocked on the basis of being Pornographic - are you still having that problem? The closest we get to being saucy is having HP on our chips. Hmmm, perhaps it's got something to do with the Playmates and their potty mouths?

OK, hope you are keeping well. Keep it up!


10:46 am  
Blogger Cool Noise said...

Hi Steve,

I got in today so the filter is off. I imagine you might get a Profanity rating if you let the Playmates loose!

3:13 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fucking right you do, love mr neil from the playmates xxx

1:48 am  

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