Sunday, May 14, 2006

Being 747

The Leeds scene is pretty intimidating as it is - the bands (Scaramanga Six, This Et Al, iLiKETRAiNS, The Lodger) have such arrogance in their control over musical expression and their ability to create soundscapes of the passion and neuroticism of modern life. Being 747 are a very welcome addition to this roll call. How the hell is my brain meant to take this? I have a collection of the greatest singles ever made from the late 70s when punk was redefined by Joy Division, The Fall, The Cure, etc. That should always remain my Golden Age because of the great music and because of being a young man discovering HIS music. But one city in England is producing an equivalence of brilliance with all that history.

Their website has a very funny intro.

Being 747

My review of Being 747


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