Thursday, May 11, 2006


I just signed up for LastFM. It seemed like a good way of listing the songs I'm listening to. My initial impressions are not good but I am a real newbie on this. All I get is

'Some tracks you submitted have not been added to your profile for the following reason: The track you submitted appears to be badly tagged - please check the file's tags'

Well, that's pretty obvious - you don't have the CD details in your database because it hasn't been released yet. So I go over to MusicBrainz, create an account, and add the CD details. But it can't be a live lookup because I play songs off the CD and it still shows the same message.

Hopefully, it will all sort itself out. But I am worried that it is just not set up for users like me. If there is a delay in getting the details from MusicBrainz then my listening just won't be registered. As for the Nag message on the MusicBrainz application to donate to them - hey man, I'm spending my time adding albums you don't have a clue about, maybe you should be donating to me.

Oh well, MySpace was totally confusing when I signed up. I hope this is the same and I will soon be raving about the service.

I have it all working a day later! You can now see the tracks I am listening to. I had to reduce my security and let my Media Player talk to the Great Satan Microsoft so the LastFM plug-in could identify the tracks. My Recently listened to tracks will be in the header and I will put a list of the bands I've been listening to somewhere.


Blogger Daniel Vincent said...'s always been fine for me, but then I only listen to mp3s now. I tend to rip an album and then put it back in its box.

CDs only get played at home now really.

10:43 am  

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