Friday, June 09, 2006

Broken Promises

I remember promising that I would at least acknowledge the arrival of CDs in this blog. I've not quite been true to my word, so here is a catch up and mention of today's CDs.

The One and Only Typicals - Riot In My Head

A Power Pop band, rooted in the simplicity and directness and enthusiasm of bands like The Jam.

The One And Only Typicals

Soundpool - On High

Do you rememeber the Simon Dupree and The Big Sound song Kites? A similar Pyschedelic wall of Sound and ethereal vocals is created by New York's Soundpool.


Tom Beaulieu - As The Artist Waits

I was going to say I was unsure about Tom's voice - but I've just realised that it isn't that far from Neil Young's. Musically a throwback to earlier times, but then who's to say that's a bad thing.

Tom Beaulieu

Wreckage Of The Modern City - Singularity

This band prove that Prog mixed with Nu-Metal overtones is a potent combination.

Wreckage Of The Modern City

OMR - Superheroes Crash

OMG. There's that moment when you are driving on a country road at night and you see a rabbit in the middle of the road transfixed in your headlights. I'm that rabbit and OMR are driving their Citroen straight at me.



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