Saturday, June 03, 2006

Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt by Lily Holbrook

I think my problem with ths is the fact that Lily sounds in such pain throughout. And her voice, though rather a good voice in itself, is too reminiscent of others. But there's a nagging whisper in my head that is saying "You are going to of hear her again". I can see adolescent girls getting obsessed by this and it's concerns for the self and body, and it is so TV friendly that songs may well pop up on US teen melodramas. One for the MySpace generation.

Lily Holbrook website


Anonymous sexxxysadie said...

everyone's voice is reminiscent of others. its impossible for an artist to escape being somewhat derivative. I think the point of art is to express yourself as honestly as you can and not worry about trying to "sound like" or "not sound like" someone else. And if you read the lyrics I think its clear that Lily is, indeed, in quite a lot of pain. I mean come on- "is there no way out of this slaughterhouse?", does not sound like a happy girl to me. you either relate or you don't

9:35 pm  
Blogger Cool Noise said...

Hi sexxxysadie
thanks for leaving your coment - because I really don't think I understood the record and I suspect I am probably wrong. I think Lily Holbrook is a real artist and I think she is sincere - not a 'bimbo of teen angst' as some other female singers are. If you read my 'Drowning in a well of sadness' series you will see I normally like intense explorations of pain. My problem was the inflections of her voice, they annoyed me. Also, I suspect that I might be too old to be able to relate to it (my problem totally). I think that maybe I should listen again a few times and come up with a better review.

10:15 pm  

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