Thursday, June 08, 2006

These Monsters... and sending me stuff

I am really enjoying this 5 track promo of post-rock passion by These Monsters. Of course, the first thing I did was lose any pieces of paper that came with it. If the band find a lot of listens to Track 1 etc. on LastFm then they will know it's me. Should I ask for a track listing? I'm not sure it matters.

Just to point out that this CD is a CDR with These Monsters... written in pen in a photocopied piece of paper. I may pay compliments when I get particularly good packaging but it really doesn't matter - in the end it's the music that will work or not. I do have difficulty with MP3s however because they seems so disposable and I tend to just skip through the tracks (Western Civ excepted). Same with MySpace, I always give a listen to bands but rarely comment and I don't tend to listen right through all the tracks.

These Monsters


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